Gaia Observation
Sustaining the Sanity Boundary

An Expose on the Corruption of Civilisation for Mass Control of the Populace

Human beings, in common with other mammals, find evolutionary advantage in living as groups.
This presents problems with the innate development of individuality.
To resolve this conflict all group species develop cultural codes for social behaviour.
The aim of these codes is to sustain a balance between the needs of the…

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Mirror Culture

An Expose on Media Driven Child Rearing

The experience of the modern human female role in society is predominantly sadomasochistic. This is well recognised.
However, as a side effect of this sadomasochism, there appears a compensating strategy of OCD behaviors.
The commonest observable OCD is the application of makeup and clothing as a means to intensify an image to give the (compensating)…

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Evidences of Space Weather Induced Natural Disast…:

QSF Review from Calvin Smith on Vimeo.

2 year of campaigning for equal marriage in 2 minutes ;)