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Celebrating the liberty of equal marriage with the deputy leader of Swansea Council

Celebrating the liberty of equal marriage with the deputy leader of Swansea Council

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Hive of the Cyclops

Hive of the Cyclops

An Expose on the Industrialisation of Education

Human beings have long valued the application of group activities to better their survival, from hunting as a pack to bring down more powerful predators and quick-witted prey, to the community gathering activities for efficient harvesting of local flora.

This application of group activities includes a natural opportunity for inter-generational…

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Job Slave

An Expose on Employment and Conflict


Human beings have long noted and applied the use of groups to achieve improved efficacy in hunting and gathering for survival.

This habituation to group operations has produced a hierachy of obedience and…

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An Expose on Religion and the Blame Game

Human beings are very similar to their mammalian counterparts in their use of group tactics to maintain hierarchies and other social control systems.


The most common of these is the ‘many against one’…

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Military Slave

An Expose on Militarism in Social Engineering

The human species is a predominantly mammalian species.

Like all mammalian species it is driven to cooperative group activies for survival against other predators and the changeable realities of climate and…

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Distortion And Deception

An Expose on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

During the late 1980′s it was discovered that perception was heavily influenced by the ability to describe that perception with words.

This implied that words could alter the perception of reality.

This was…

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